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Welcoming and relaxed, the attorneys of Newton Becker Bouwkamp Pendoski, PC focus upon you—and only upon you. Our offices, located on Lake Clearwater on the north side of Indianapolis near Keystone-at-the-Crossing, are easy-to-find and reflect the serenity of our lake.

We know that your legal situation is unique. We believe that you must remain in control of your case and help chart its outcome… even as we set the course for you. Our lawyers will be at your side, counseling you and fighting for you, until your problems are resolved.

After 110 years of experience advocating in the courtroom, our lawyers— your lawyers— know and understand the nuances of procedural and evidentiary trial rules… and how to use them most effectively for your benefit.

We're not accountants. Neither are we therapists, hydrogeologists or structural engineers. But we call in experts if they are needed to help with any such matters that might be intertwined with your legal concerns. The professionals with whom we work are tops in their respective fields.

The lawyers of Newton Becker Bouwkamp Pendoski, PC offer explanations, choices, leadership . . . and solutions.

Come talk with us.